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    서비스명 신기한리스닝나라
    강의날짜 2016-08-25
    강의제목 Gun on Campus
    강의듣기 http://liworld.co.kr/v3.1/lecture/afkn_v...de=2016-08




    Gun on Campus
    캠퍼스 총기허용

    In an odd coincidence, a Texas law that expands gun rights on college campuses took effect today, just as victims of a horrifying act of gun violence were being remembered. Manuel Bojorquez reports tonight from Austin. A solemn ceremony at the University of Texas at Austin today marked 50 years since Charles Whitman opened fire from the campus clock tower, killing 16 people. 
    ("Victims were cut down on the west and south sides of the campus.") On the anniversary of one of the first mass shootings, a controversial Texas law allowing concealed handguns in public university classrooms went into effect. Officials at the University of Texas opposed the law. ("The more guns, the more danger.") 
    U.T. Professor Joan Neuberger is concerned about its impact in her classroom. "Guns are designed to hurt people. And if you don't know if someone has a gun, you don't know if you're in danger." Neuberger fears professors and students will shy away from controversial topics. "We want students to be passionate about what they have to say." "Without worrying about..." "Without worrying that someone might pull a gun and shoot you." 
    But the law does come with some restrictions. Gun owners must comply with the state's concealed carry requirements, which include being at least 21 and passing classroom and training courses. Antonia Oakafur who plans to carry at U.T-Dallas' campus next year says nothing could be further from the truth. 
    "These people are not monsters. These people are not... You know, once they get this license to carry, it means license to kill. Obviously not." She says seven other states already have similar laws and points to the recent flurry of mass shootings as another reason to allow concealed guns. 
    "Some important thing is that me, as an individual, I am able to protect myself. A law-abiding citizen, I'm able to protect myself against someone who's trying to harm me." Three U.T. Austin professors have filed a lawsuit seeking to stop the law before classes begin here later this month. Charlie, private universities can opt out of the new law, and most have. Thank you, Manuel.