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    서비스명 신기한리스닝나라
    강의날짜 2016-08-22
    강의제목 Millions of Email Accounts Hacked
    강의듣기 http://liworld.co.kr/v3.1/lecture/afkn_v...de=2016-08



    Millions of Email Accounts Hacked
    이메일 계좌 수억개 해킹 당해

    Now to a major warning that might send you rushing to change your e-mail password, which may not be a bad idea when you hear this. Cybersecurity experts recently uncovered a massive trove of stolen usernames and passwords, hundreds of millions of them. And as NBC's Tom Costello tells us, it involves some of the biggest e-mail providers in the world. 
    They were being offered for sale on the so-called dark web, where hackers hawk their goods. 272 million stolen e-mail accounts. Among them, Yahoo!, Gmail and Microsoft addresses including passwords, offered for sale by a Russian hacker, and discovered by Milwaukee security consultant Alex Holden. 
    "We know that, uh, he's a young man in central Russia, who collected this information from, uh, multiple sources." Hackers use stolen e-mail information to lure users into giving away more information, including DOBs, social security numbers, and bank account details. All the more reason, say experts, to change passwords regularly, even monthly. 
    "So, don't reuse a password. Don't use the same password for your bank as you do your retail shopping, as you do your e-mail." What makes a good password? They do not include names of children, pets or home addresses that could be found online. Instead, abstract combinations of letters, numbers, and characters that a hacker's computer program would never guess. 
    Perhaps mixing languages. Even running together the lyrics of a song. Ob-La-Di-Ob-La-Da-Lifegoeson. Experts also advise paying for credit monitoring to watch for suspicious activity and be very skeptical of all incoming e-mails that could be phishing for more personal information. Tom Costello, NBC News, Washington.