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    서비스명 신기한리스닝나라
    강의날짜 2016-08-18
    강의제목 New Hacking Threat
    강의듣기 http://liworld.co.kr/v3.1/lecture/afkn_v...de=2016-08




    New Hacking Threat
    새로운 해킹 위협

    On our computers and elsewhere, who isn't fed up with all those security passwords and PIN numbers we're forced to remember and constantly change? A newer technology that uses fingerprints and scans of our eyes offers an easier way to keep your information secure and is becoming more wildly used. 
    But as Olivia Sterns reports, wouldn't you know it, the criminals are catching on to that as well. Inside the airport, the gym, and every time you unlock your phone with your finger, there's new technology at work to verify your identity. Soon your fingerprints, voice, and eyes will be the key to everything from your doctor's office to the ATM. 
    Get ready to say good-bye to your debit card and password. Soon you could be able to access your account with just a fingerprint or a scan of your eye. But beware, hackers are catching on, too. "I didn't have just one finger print stolen. I had all ten (stolen)."
    Rebecca Baleboko is a privacy expert and ironically one of nearly 22 million people whose fingerprints were stolen in the federal Office of Personnel Management's massive data breach in 2014. "I just don't know what they are going to do with information about my children or about my husband or about his family." 
    Security experts say it's a problem that's only getting worse. "You can always get a new credit card. You can always create a new password. Really hard to get new fingers. Right, you only have ten of them. And once that information leaks, it's out. And there's nothing you can do." 
    To protect yourself, ask how your fingerprints will be stored and what they are doing to prevent hacking. Your prints should be protected with a special security code and if you're really worried, stick with the old password. ("That's delicious.") A reminder that as technology gets more personal, so do the risks. Olivia Sterns, NBC News, New York.