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    서비스명 신기한리스닝나라
    강의날짜 2016-08-08
    강의제목 Corporal punishment in school
    강의듣기 http://liworld.co.kr/v3.1/lecture/afkn_v...de=2016-08



    Corporal punishment in school
    교내 체벌

    A viral video watched over 2 million times has cut to the heart of a long simmering debate in this country about how children should be punished in school, and it has generated a lot of reaction. The video, which some viewers may find disturbing, shows a principal in Georgia paddling a 5-year-old student for bad behavior. Our Gabe Gutierrez has more. 
    "We're going to do it. We're going to spank you." "Mommy, help me. Help me." This video reigniting the debate over corporal punishment - a principal disciplining a 5-year-old boy with a paddle. "He almost hit another student and was trying to run around in the bus line and they tried to catch... they were trying to catch him, and he spit on them." 
    The boy's mother Shana Perez recorded the video. She had consented to the paddling, she says, because she felt pressure from school officials over previous unexcused absences, but now she thinks the punishment went too far. "I'm only going to do it one time unless you wiggle around. Okay, one time." 
    According to the school handbook corporal punishment is allowed for conduct violations including spitting. "In the state of Georgia what took place was legal." But today the Jasper County Primary School got threatening calls from across the country. The school district here says legally it can't comment on specifics of this incident. But corporal punishment is only used with parental consent. Still, the district here is investigating and looking into its discipline policies. 
    Nineteen states allow corporal punishment in schools while 31 have banned the practice. One analysis found that nationwide, a child is forcefully punished in school once every 20 seconds. "There are big regional differences in corporal punishment with corporal punishment being much more common in the south than in the north."
    Tonight, in this southern town signs of support for the educators ("From what I saw, no, it was not taken too far.") as the debate over discipline wages on. Gabe Gutierrez, NBC News, Monticello, Georgia.