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    1. Gun on Campus (캠퍼스 총기허용)

      Gun on Campus 캠퍼스 총기허용 In an odd coincidence, a Texas law that expands gun rights on college campuses took effect today, just as victims of a horrifying act of gun violence were being remembered. Manuel Bojorquez reports tonight from...
      Views573 서비스명신기한리스닝나라 강의날짜2016-08-25
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    2. Millions of Email Accounts Hacked (이메일 계좌 수억개 해킹 당해)

      Millions of Email Accounts Hacked 이메일 계좌 수억개 해킹 당해 Now to a major warning that might send you rushing to change your e-mail password, which may not be a bad idea when you hear this. Cybersecurity experts recently uncovered a mas...
      Views491 서비스명신기한리스닝나라 강의날짜2016-08-22
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    3. New Hacking Threat (새로운 해킹 위협)

      New Hacking Threat 새로운 해킹 위협 On our computers and elsewhere, who isn't fed up with all those security passwords and PIN numbers we're forced to remember and constantly change? A newer technology that uses fingerprints and sca...
      Views498 서비스명신기한리스닝나라 강의날짜2016-08-18
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    4. Abortion Rights (낙태권리)

      Abortion Rights 낙태권리 Good evening. Scott is off tonight. I'm Charlie Rose. The Supreme Court closed its term today with a major decision affirming abortion rights. The court overturned strict regulations that Texas imposed on aborti...
      Views36 서비스명신기한리스닝나라 강의날짜2016-08-15
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    5. At-home test for colon cancer (집에서 하는 결장암 검사)

      At-home test for colon cancer 집에서 하는 결장암 검사 This week we're taking a look at medical screenings, some important tests you need and some you might not. Tonight we look at a new test for colon cancer, the second leading cause of...
      Views169 서비스명신기한리스닝나라 강의날짜2016-08-11
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    6. Corporal punishment in school (교내 체벌)

      Corporal punishment in school 교내 체벌 A viral video watched over 2 million times has cut to the heart of a long simmering debate in this country about how children should be punished in school, and it has generated a lot of reaction. The ...
      Views190 서비스명신기한리스닝나라 강의날짜2016-08-08
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    7. US military lifts transgender ban (미국 트랜스젠더 병사 금지 해제)

      US military lifts transgender ban 미국 트랜스젠더 병사 금지 해제 History was made today when the Defense Department lifted one of the last bans on service in the armed forces. Transgender people will now be allowed to serve openly, and they...
      Views113 서비스명신기한리스닝나라 강의날짜2016-08-04
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