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    1. Congress of the Workers' Party of N. Korea (북한 노동당대회)

      Congress of the Workers' Party of N. Korea 북한 노동당대회 Tonight, NBC News has gotten rare access inside North Korea, for a historic and ominous event. Leader Kim Jong-un convened his ruling party's congress for the first time in ...
      Views61 서비스명신기한리스닝나라 강의날짜2016-05-12
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    2. Reverse Mortgages (역모기지)

      Reverse Mortgages 역모기지 We're back with a troubling fact of life for older Americans. Roughly half of people over 55 have little or no retirement savings. But consumer advocates now say that taking out a reverse mortgage could be a s...
      Views29 서비스명신기한리스닝나라 강의날짜2016-05-09
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    3. The Gender Gap in Heart Disease (심장 질환의 성별 차이)

      The Gender Gap in Heart Disease 심장 질환의 성별 차이 We're back now with a new warning about the number one killer of women, heart disease, and a big gender gap when it comes to having a heart attack. The symptoms are very different be...
      Views90 서비스명신기한리스닝나라 강의날짜2016-05-05
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    4. Vacation Scam (휴가사기)

      Vacation Scam 휴가 사기 If you're starting to plan a vacation, you should pay attention to a new warning from law enforcement about a growing fraud online costing us travelers millions. People going online to book vacation rental proper...
      Views56 서비스명신기한리스닝나라 강의날짜2016-05-02
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