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    1. Russian Airstrikes (러시아의 공습)

      Russian Airstrikes 러시아의 공습 Today Defense Secretary Ash Carter called out Russia for bombing Syrian rebels that are backed by the United States. American and Russian warplanes are fighting on opposite sides of the civil war. Moscow bac...
      Views28 서비스명신기한리스닝나라 강의날짜2016-07-07
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    2. The UK has voted to leave the European Union. (영국 EU 탈퇴하기로 표결)

      The UK has voted to leave the European Union. 영국 EU 탈퇴하기로 표결 The historic decision by British voters for their country to exit the European Union sent economic shock waves from the UK to the US and a tidal wave of economic worries ...
      Views98 서비스명신기한리스닝나라 강의날짜2016-07-04
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    3. Does your sunscreen really work the way you think? (썬크림, 생각만큼 효과 있을까?)

      Does your sunscreen really work the way you think? 썬크림, 생각만큼 효과 있을까? The American Academy of Dermatology says that sunscreen with an SPF of 30 blocks 90 % of the sun's rays, protecting you from cancer, if you apply it correc...
      Views195 서비스명신기한리스닝나라 강의날짜2016-06-27
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    4. Gun Control Debate (총기규제 논쟁)

      Gun Control Debate 총기규제 논쟁 The FBI had investigated the killer for possible ties to terrorism. Omar Mateen was on the terror watch list until the FBI cleared him. It seems hard to justify, but people on that terror list are still allo...
      Views53 서비스명신기한리스닝나라 강의날짜2016-06-23
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    5. Orlando Nightclub Shooting (올란도 나이트클럽 총기사건)

      Orlando Nightclub Shooting 올란도 나이트클럽 총기사건 The President also asked America to pray today. He asked the citizens of the United States to pray for the victims, to pray for the families and to help the families bear what the Presid...
      Views141 서비스명신기한리스닝나라 강의날짜2016-06-20
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    6. Hillary Clinton Becoming the First Woman on a Major Party's Ticket (힐러리, 여성 최초로 주요 정당 대선 후보에 등극)

      Hillary Clinton Becoming the First Woman on a Major Party's Ticket 힐러리, 여성 최초로 주요 정당 대선 후보에 등극 Good evening. From California, the largest prize and virtual finish line on this historic and last big primary night in th...
      Views93 서비스명신기한리스닝나라 강의날짜2016-06-16
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    7. Too many seals in Cape Cod (케이프코드 해변에 바다표범 너무 많아)

      Too many seals in Cape Cod 케이프코드 해변에 바다표범 너무 많아 Beaches of Cape Cod are packed months ahead of tourist season. The visitors are in no hurry to leave and we sent Don Dahler to check it out. A pilot flying over Monomoy Island ...
      Views87 서비스명신기한리스닝나라 강의날짜2016-06-13
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