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    1. Police killed suspect using robot bomb (로봇폭탄으로 용의자 사살)

      Police killed suspect using robot bomb 로봇폭탄으로 용의자 사살 Back now from Dallas, where police ended the deadly siege on the city last night by using a robot with a bomb to kill the ambush suspect. It's a tactic straight from Americ...
      Views90 서비스명신기한리스닝나라 강의날짜2016-08-01
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    2. Russia Doping Scanda (러시아 약물복용 추문)

      Russia Doping Scanda 러시아 약물복용 추문 Seventeen days before the Olympics and the World Anti-Doping Agency wants Russia banned. But the International Olympic Committee needs convincing. Here's Mark Philips. Russian athletes have cont...
      Views89 서비스명신기한리스닝나라 강의날짜2016-07-28
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    3. Failed Coup in Turkey (터키 쿠데타 실패)

      Failed Coup in Turkey 터키 쿠데타 실패 Tonight, a key US ally is still reeling from that attempt to overthrow an elected government. A faction within Turkey's military sent warplanes and tanks to major cities on Friday. Nearly 300 peopl...
      Views31 서비스명신기한리스닝나라 강의날짜2016-07-25
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    4. Pokemon Go Fever (포켓몬고 열풍)

      Pokemon Go Fever 포켓몬고 열풍 We're back now with something that may explain any odd behavior you've seen on the streets recently. The smash hit mobile game app Pokemon Go has only been on for a few days, but it's already got m...
      Views136 서비스명신기한리스닝나라 강의날짜2016-07-21
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    5. Sniffer Dogs for Explosives (폭발물 탐지견)

      Sniffer Dogs for Explosives 폭발물 탐지견 Finally tonight, the deadly attack on the airport in Istanbul this past week brought new focus to the issue of airport security here in the United States, especially this holiday weekend with so man...
      Views34 서비스명신기한리스닝나라 강의날짜2016-07-18
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    6. Journey to Jupiter (목성 탐사)

      Journey to Jupiter 목성 탐사 Finally tonight, the biggest planet in our neighborhood is also the most mysterious. So NASA sent the Juno spacecraft to find out what's beneath the gas and clouds of Jupiter's atmosphere. Don Dahler rep...
      Views88 서비스명신기한리스닝나라 강의날짜2016-07-14
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    7. A Hollywood film star killed by his own SUV (할리우드 영화배우 자신의 SUV에 치여 사망)

      A Hollywood film star killed by his own SUV 할리우드 영화배우 자신의 SUV에 치여 사망 Los Angeles police are investigating the tragic death of a young Hollywood film star who was crushed by his own SUV right in his own driveway. Anton Yelchi...
      Views97 서비스명신기한리스닝나라 강의날짜2016-07-11
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